Tablets in Teaching Practice Supervision
Supervision Technology for Teacher Training
Group supervision in arts subjects
Observasjon og veiledning med VR og 360°-video
Informal mentoring dialogues in police practice
Supervision of alpine sports

Testing out and experimenting with the software MOSO (Mentoring and Observation Software) in Primary and Lower Secondary School teaching practice.

Feedback and evaluation of group processes in arts subjects.

Prosjektet ser på utprøving og utvikling av bruk av 360-videoopptak og VR-teknologi i pedagogiske øvingssituasjoner.

Tablets as tools for use in teacher training supervision. 

The significance of semi-formal guidance interviews between police students and colleagues in practice.

A project that explore the effect of videofeedback in alpine- and snowboard training

Mentoring when mentor and mentee don´t meet face to face.

In this project, we focus on the implications that video feedback can have for leveraging the quality of the feedback given on written work .

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